Grace Point Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 2:1

Pastor's Page

The Pastor's Page: Bro. Ryan Childers

Our family is so blessed to be a part of this wonderful fellowship of believers. Our church's desire is to share the love of God with all people while demonstrating the four-fold purposes of a church. The term "church" means a group of people who have been "called out" by God for specific purposes. A true Church, within the best of its ability, will execute what God has called us out to do. We have been called out to worship Him, make disciples, fellowship, and evangelize our community and world.

At Grace Point, we are actively:

  • Worshipping: God willingly redeemed us from the penalty of our sins. He has forgiven us by virtue of Jesus' substitutionary offerings. He has declared us righteous in the person of Jesus Christ; He has filled and sealed us with His Holy Spirit; and He has given us eternal life. For these and uncountable blessings, we praise His Name!
  • Making Disciples: We offer Bible classes for all ages. In these classes, we learn the basics, then more advanced teachings and applications of scripture. The purpose of this process is so we can imitate Jesus in attitude and by our deeds in daily living.
  • Fellowshipping: We immerse ourselves in Biblical fellowship as we invest our life experiences, both failures and successes, to encourage and develop others.
  • Evangelizing: We count it a wonderful privilege to communicate the exciting message of God's love, forgiveness, restoration, and eternal life; all of which are made possible through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Just as our family has experienced, you will truly be blessed by becoming a part of this fellowship of Believers as we embrace what we have been called to do.
Bro. Ryan Childers